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Regner Rocks Concert Series

Regner Rocks The Bend Theatre

tallan latz, regner rocks, the bend theatre

Tallan Latz grew up in the shadow of the legendary Alpine Valley Music Theatre – where there is a special connection to the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan. Since the age of 6, Tallan has been playing guitar professionally. Now in his early 20s Latz is bringing his slick guitar work to our historic stage for a night of blues music. He’ll combine his originals with tunes and licks made famous by Stevie as well as the late Eddie Van Halen. Come ready to rock!

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We are committed to building strong families and communities through music.

Through community interest and involvement with philanthropic intent, the Hometown Foundation’s mission is to raise contributions and/or awareness through various community events with the sole purpose of assisting those in need.   The HomeTown Foundation’s mission is to make our families and communities stronger through the identification of charitable opportunities.   At the Hometown Foundation we strive to serve our neighbors, seek out those in need, and give of ourselves. By raising proceeds through various events, The Foundation seeks to provide assistance wherever and whenever possible.

The HomeTown Foundation is proudly an incorporated 501(c)(3) charity organization.

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