Wisconsin Rock: Wise Jennings

Although we generally book roots rock/Americana bands, Homegrown tries to choose bands from all over the state so that our audience can hear how different scenes and communities interpret that sound. In the past, we’ve had musicians from as far away as Eau Claire and from as close as right down the road.

In 2019, musicians include Redhawks, from the Fox Valley’s fertile indie/lo-fi/DIY band scene; Lake Geneva’s blues/country/rock duo Wise Jennings; and Madison-based art/bluegrass band No Name String Band. These bands play music that is broadly part of the next generation of performers in the folk tradition. Stop by and talk to a performer after the show and ask how their community has shaped their songwriting.

Husband and wife duo Wise Jennings come to us from just outside Lake Geneva where they write blue/punk songs for guitar and drums. Their latest album, 2021’s “The Madness Inside” features Jeff on guitar and bass (which he plays live with his feet in the form of organ pedals) and Melissa on drums and lead vocals. They also host their own incredible festival, Wise Fest, at the Walworth County Fairgrounds.

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