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Who We Help: Chix 4 a Cause

2020 was a tough year for families, businesses and community and charitable organizations like Chix 4 a Cause.  Who we help and support are organizations that reach Washington county residents.

The HomeTown Foundation and The Bend Theater partner with Chix 4 a Cause for Friday Night Beer Garden Series at Sandy Knoll Park

Because we believe that music heals and brings people together, we are very proud to present the Beer Garden Concert Series to benefit Washington County’s own Chix 4 a Cause.  

They’ve touched the lives of 230 cancer fighters since inception in 2004, Chix 4 a Cause has provided $235,000 in financial assistance for non-medical needs during cancer treatment.

Here’s a look at the lineup for the Beer Garden Concert Series. Music starts at 5pm and ends at 9pm.

About Chix 4 a Cause

Chix 4 a Cause is all about spreading love and joy when people need it most. They strive to show people that Cancer Has Its eXtras! That’s why the Gifts of Love program was born.

Gifts of Love are designed to provide financial and emotional support to individuals battling cancer. Each gift is unique to a person’s needs. It may include help with housing expenses, groceries bills, transportation costs, or certificates for a dinner out or a weekend away with the grandkids. Each and every gift is customized to the recipient. But all Gifts of Love share one common goal — to help ease the burden of a cancer diagnosis, if even for a moment.

Gifts of Love can be requested by health care professionals or social workers, but are most often suggested by loving friends, family or neighbors hoping to do a little extra for their loved one fighting cancer.

They also provide Gift of Love boxes. Designed to provide emotional support, boxes are filled with calming activities and resources to show a loved one how much you care.

Event Partners

Thank you to Wisconsin Music Ventures for their partnership in the HomeTown Foundation’s Beer Garden Series.

Thank you to Washington County Parks & Trails for their partnership in the HomeTown Foundation’s Beer Garden Series.

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