Regner Rocks Season Pass

Regner Rocks The Bend

The Bend presents the Regner Rocks Season Pass. Three concerts, three movies and eight encore spotlight performances comprise the series dubbed Regner Rocks The Bend.

What's Included


Encore Performances







How it Works

Your pass guarantees you admission on weeks Regner Rocks move indoors so you’ll never miss a show this entire summer (Thursdays from June 3 to September 2)

It also gets you a free craft beer (three custom flavors to choose from) each Thursday at either Regner Rocks or The Bend. 

You’ll get free admission to all 14 Thursday night events at The Bend. 

And a credit to use in the Regner Rocks on-line store.

Regner Rocks The Bend Season Passes are $100 per person and extremely limited (due to indoor capacity limitations). Get them while they last! 

Encore Performances

West Bend’s Hometown Foundation exists to provide opportunities for people to enjoy live music and Wisconsin musicians to be able to take the stage as frequently as possible to help build their audience as well as a local music scene. Eight weeks this summer, the opening act from the Regner Rocks concert series, will perform a second showcase set at The Bend. 


While we don’t do “cover bands” and we stay away from “costumed tribute artists,” we simply can’t resist when really talented musicians want to dig deep into the musical repertoire of their heroes. We consider them an homage – but that sounds kind of bougie – so call them a tribute if you must. 

up from the skies regner rocks bend theatre

Up From the Skies

Up From the Skies features Dennis Shepherd on guitar (Steely Dane) and is the perfect way to kick off this series-within-a-series. Along with his bandmates they’ll spend the night exploring the music of Jimi Hendrix through deep cuts, amazing guitar work and an overall atmosphere or respect and reverence.

tallan latz regner rocks the bend theatre

Tallan Latz

Tallan Latz grew up in the shadow of the legendary Alpine Valley Music Theatre – where there is a special connection to the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan. Since the age of 6, Tallan has been playing guitar professionally. Now in his early 20s Latz is bringing his slick guitar work to our historic stage for a night of blues music. He’ll combine his originals with tunes and licks made famous by Stevie as well as the late Eddie Van Halen. Come ready to rock!

Very Jerry Regner Rocks The Bend Theatre

Very Jerry

On this night we throw on our tye-dyes and dance to the music of Jerry Garcia. Bassist Jordan Kreuger (Chicken Wire Empire) has curated a night of music (and musicians) certain to get Deadheads dancing. The night begins with a set of bluegrass music exploring Garcia’s early work with Old & In the Way followed by a full blown Grateful Dead set performed by the band Another One.


These films literally rock. And they’ll look amazing on our big screen with high definition projection and surround sound!

Elvis: That’s the Way It Is

On July 31, 1970, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Elvis Presley staged a triumphant return to the concert stage from which he had been absent for almost a decade. His series of concerts broke all box office records and completely reenergized the career of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. This feature-length concert film crosses the footlights, revealing the legendary singer as a man preparing for an emotional career comeback, the fans who traveled from all over the world for this history-making event … and the electrifying live performance of the man who gave us rock ‘n’ roll. Elvis’ performance includes nearly 30 songs!

Pink Floyd: The Wall

For one night only The Bend brings to life Alan Parker’s musical masterpiece: Pink Floyd: The Wall. It’s the story of a confined but troubled rock star who descends into madness in the midst of his physical and social isolation from everyone. And it’s going to look and sound amazing on our cinema system.


It’s a one-night celebration of music, memories, peace and love. Join the Bend as we screen Woodstock, the Oscar-winning musical that brilliantly captures the three-day rock concert and celebration of peace and love that became the capstone for the Sixties.


It also gets you a free craft beer each Thursday at either Regner Rocks or The Bend! 

Custom brewed for The Bend, HomeGrown Music Festival and Regner Rocks by The Fermentorium.

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